We want you to be as happy with your purchase as possible so we will always let you know if a standard fit of a product runs slightly larger or smaller in cut in the product description.

Below is a standard guideline for most brands:


Clothing sizes:

000 000 – Premie range


000   0 - 3 months 

00     3 - 6 months 

      6 - 12 months 

      0 - 18 months 

      18 - 24 months + 

Sizing 3 and up generally fits a child of the same age as the size.



Sizing varies between manufacturers. Refer to the sizing chart links on the individual product pages.

* Hint: measure your child’s foot length and choose the shoe length 1cm longer, for example if your child’s foot measures 15cm from heel to toe they will need a size 8 (16cms).


How do I measure?

Height: Head to heel measurement, standing up for those who can or lying down for little ones.

Chest: Measure under the armpits, around the largest part of the chest.

Waist: Measure around the waistline you normally wear your pants at.

Head: Measure around the head above the ears and eyebrow ridges.

If you have any more questions regarding sizing, please email us at cheekiikidz@bigpond.com.